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Cheltenham, 3192

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Here are some key behavioural
signs your child could benefit from
Occupational Therapy


Is your child easily distracted? 
Does your child lack confidence in any area of their development?

Is your child a wriggler or a fidgeter?

Is your child really fussy with food?


Little Bridges is here to help!


Kerry is a Paediatric Occupational Therapist with 22 years experience. She is passionate about working with children and families to support effective participation in everyday activities. Kerry has worked extensively with children aged 0-12 years across kindergartens, schools and early intervention centres. 


Kerry Liddell

Senior OT


P.Grad. Paediatric Occ. Therapy


Occupational Therapy maximises your child's ability to participate in the everyday activities that they need to, want to or are expected to do like other children their age. Broadly speaking, it encompasses self care activities,  pre school and school related activities and leisure/social activities. Intervention may look at modification to the task or environment and upskilling children, carers and educators to achieve successful outcomes. 


Common issues addressed in Occupational Therapy include building independence in self care skills such as dressing and toileting, performing gross and fine motor skills, coordination and motor planning issues, attention and concentration, play and social skills, handwriting difficulties and sensory processing challenges.

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