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Kerry Liddell

B.Occ Therapy 

Grad Cert Occ Therapy (Paediatrics)


Kerry is passionate about working with children and their families to maximise the potential of every child. A mother herself, she has worked as an Occupational Therapist for 22 years, undertaking further training to specialise in the field of paediatrics. Inspired at a young age by her own Occupational Therapist, Kerry has never wanted to pursue any other profession. Kerry has worked across a number of school settings as well as Early Childhood Development Centres. She has also conducted screening assessments across a range of preschools and schools. She has a natural yet professional approach that families appreciate.


Little Bridges Occupational Therapy utilises approaches that are founded upon extensive experience working with a wide range of children facing a variety of developmental concerns. We provide a professional and tailored service in a fun and relaxed atmosphere that children enjoy coming to! 


Integral to the service is a family centered approach. As such, intervention priorities are driven by families, and goals are established collaboratively. Assessment may be formal or informal dependent on the need, and liaison with teachers and other relevant parties is an essential part of the process.  Approaches may target particular skill development and/or adaptation to the task or context to promote success or independence. Every effort is taken to identify everyday opportunities within a family's usual routines for your child to practice and develop their skills. We also appreciate that parents and caregivers already possess their own expert knowledge of their child and have self generated strategies. Our role therefore is to act as a coach as well as provide supplemental knowledge where required.

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